Because women are generally smaller and lighter than men, finding an ideal dirt bike for women’s stature can be difficult. However, there are plenty of dirt bikes out there for women of all ages, ability levels, and heights. 

The best dirt bikes for beginners are Honda CRF230F, Yamaha WR250R, or Kawasaki KLX140RL; HUSQVARNA TE300, Yamaha YZ125, or Kawasaki KLX230R for Intermediate riders; Honda CRF250F/CRF125F or Yamaha TT-R230 or teens; and Kawasaki KLX110/KLX140G, Yamaha TT-R125LE, or Suzuki DR-Z125L for short women. 

This article will delve into some of the best dirt bikes for women depending on their experience level, age, and height. It will also go over some important dirt bike features for women to consider. 

Best Beginner Dirt Bikes for Females 

Beginner dirt bikes for women should have four stroke engines for a smoother ride, skid plates to protect the bike and electric starts for easier use. 

Honda CRF230F

This bike is great for average-sized women. The seat height is 34.6 inches (87.9 cm), so it is high enough off of the ground to feel comfortable going over bumps but not so high that it’s intimidating to ride. 

It comes with an electric start, so beginners can easily turn it on. It also has a four stroke engine that is air-cooled, making it an incredibly smooth ride. The engine was designed to use minimal gas, allowing bikers to ride for longer. 

Beginners can feel safe with this bike’s impact-resistant skid plate protecting the engine and its top of the line front disc brakes, which allow riders to stop at a moment’s notice. 

In total, this bike weighs 249 lbs (112.9 kg). This weight includes all of the required equipment, fluids, and fuel necessary to ride it. Women should test out the bike’s weight to make sure they can pick it up if it were to topple over. 

Youtube motorbike reviewer KDE Motorsports goes over the pros of this bike and why he recommends it for new riders. If you’d like to see his review, check out this video: 

2020 Yamaha WR250R

This bike is perfect for beginners who plan to spend most of their time off-road in the dirt. All of its features are perfect for hitting the old dusty trails.  

The seat height of the Yamaha WR250R is 36.6 inches (93.0 cm), so it’s the perfect size for average to tall women in the 5’6″ (168 cm) to 5’11” (180 cm) range. It features adjustable suspension so riders can adjust their bike depending on the conditions of the trail. 

This bike weighs 295 lbs (133.8 kg), which isn’t exactly light, so riders should test out this bike in the store before purchasing it to make sure they can handle the weight. 

To see this bike in action, and to learn more about its features, check out this Youtube video by motorcycle rider and vlogger, Chaseontwowheels: 

2021 Kawasaki KLX140R L

For women new to dirt biking, the Kawasaki KLX140L is a wonderful choice. This bike has an electric start, making it easy for newbies to use. It also has front and rear disc brakes, which will effectively stop the bike whenever the rider needs to. 

Its five speed transmission with a manual clutch makes picking up speed easy. This bike also features an air-cooled four-stroke engine, which is ideal for new riders that want a bike that’s easy to maintain. 

Its lightweight steel frame and wonderful suspension make this bike easy to maneuver for novice riders.  

Its seat height is 31.5 inches (80.0 cm), which is perfect for petite to average-sized riders. It weighs 209.4 lb (95.0 kg), which is lighter than most dirt bikes, making it easy for beginners to handle. 

Best Intermediate Dirt Bikes for Women

Intermediate riders can handle bikes with a little more power and speed. Some intermediate riders may want to try out a bike with a two stroke engine while others will prefer to stick with their four stroke. 


This two stroke engine provides intermediate female riders with a high-powered engine, ready to give them a thrilling ride. It’s easy to use an electric starter that allows intermediate female bikers to simply get on their bike and go. 

This bike’s seat is 37.4 inches (95.0 cm) tall and it weighs 234 lbs (106.2 kg), which is no small feat. As always, riders should test out this bike beforehand to make sure it feels comfortable and that it is suitable for their size and build. 

The chromium molybdenum steel body of this bike was crafted with lasers and advanced welding techniques, ensuring top of the line quality. This frame geometry assures that riders will get great rider feedback, energy absorption, and stability. The body also features frame protectors, making this bike strong enough to last. 

The HUSQVARNA TE300 offers a feature called map select switch. Basically, the user is able to toggle between two settings, which change the amount of power going to the bike. The first setting, called Map 1, provides full power, whereas Map 2 offers less power. The second setting allows riders to handle terrain that doesn’t have great traction. 

2020 Yamaha YZ125

The Yamaha YZ125 is a speedy bike with a two stroke engine. Two strokes are easier for intermediate riders to handle, and they provide them with a faster acceleration time and greater power, which are desirable features for more experienced riders. 

This bike is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 207 lbs (93.9 kg) when it is fueled up. Its seat height is 38.4 inches (97.5 cm), which is tall for most women. However, intermediate riders should feel more comfortable with this additional height. Its six speed transmission provides bikers with more gear options and better acceleration. 

One of the best things about this bike is its incredible powerful braking system. Its large front disc brake allows riders to quickly stop, thereby avoiding potential collisions. Another wonderful feature of the Yamaha YZ125 is that it is incredibly easy to rebuild. All riders need is a piston, gasket, and some rings to get this bike up and running after a blow out. 

In the video posted below, Motocross Action Magazine reviews this bike and discusses how its balanced frame, low- to mid-range power delivery, and powerful two stroke engine make it a great ride: 

2020 Kawasaki KLX230R 

Intermediate riders will love this fun dirt bike. With just one click of the electric starter, this bike will be ready to hit the trail. 

The Kawasaki KLX230R provides riders with low to mid-range power. Intermediate riders will enjoy the control they feel over this bike. 

This model offers long suspension and great ground clearance, so it can handle any number of terrains. Its seat height is 36.2 inches (91.9 cm), which is on the taller side, but intermediate bikers should be able to handle it. 

This bike isn’t light at 253.6 lb (115.0 kg), but it tends to be a manageable weight for most female riders, especially for more experienced riders that don’t topple over too frequently. 

The KLX230R’s engine and body were designed at the same time, making it a balanced and reliable ride. For intermediate riders looking for a dependable bike to take off-roading, the Kawasaki KLX230R is the ideal choice. 

Best Dirt Bikes for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls typically need bikes that are fairly light, a reasonable seat height, and are safe. Many teens are still advancing their skills, so getting a bike that they’ll be able to progress with is key. 

2020 Honda CRF250F

The Honda CRF250F is a wonderful bike for teenage girls. It comes with an electric start, which is perfect for riders who want to start their bike with ease. It weighs 265 lbs (120.2 kg) when it is fueled up, which is a heavy but manageable weight for teens. Its seat height is 34.8 inches (88.4 cm), making this bike the perfect height for average to tall teens. 

Its soft seat and great suspension from the ground make this an amazingly comfortable ride, even over rough terrain. 

One of the main things parents want for their daughter’s transportation is for it to be reliable. The 2021 Honda CRF250F lives up to this expectation with its durable four stroke fuel injected engine. This bike can withstand demanding climates, even cold weather and high altitudes. So, no matter where the girls are riding, the Honda CRF250F will be able to get them home safe and sound. 

To see this bike in action, check out the video below by motocross rider MotoJake. MotoJake goes over his favorite things about the bike, including its five speed transmission, great handling, and its hassle-free maintenance: 

2021 Yamaha TT-R 230 

This blue beauty will be any teenage girl’s dream. It comes with an electric start for ease of use. This bike is lighter than most of its competitors, weighing only 251 lbs (113.9 kg) when it is fueled up and ready to go. 

The seat is 34.3 inches (87.1 cm) high, so it’s a great size for most teenagers (depending on their height). This bike also offers 11.6 inches (29.5 cm) of ground clearance, so it’ll be able to handle any bumps in the road. It is very comfortable, making the Yamaha TT-R 230 a joy to ride. 

Some additional features of this bike are its grippy foot pads that allow for more control and its steel frame, which provides maximum strength. This sturdy bike will be perfect for new or experienced teenage dirt bikers who are looking for a smooth off-road adventure. 

2020 Honda CRF125F Big Wheel

This bike is perfect for young teenage girls who are just starting out. This bike is also great for smaller teenagers since it has a short seat height of 30.9 inches (78.5 cm). Most teens should be able to handle this bike since it only weighs 199 lbs (90.3 kg).  

This bike comes with an electric starter, four stroke engine, and a four speed transmission, which are great features for less experienced riders. Its suspension allows teens to comfortably glide over any terrain. 

The Honda CRF125F Big Wheel comes with a 19-inch (48.3 cm) front wheel and a 16-inch (40.6 cm) back wheel, making this bike the ideal size for short to average-sized teens. 

The steel frame on this bike is extremely durable, so even less experienced teen riders won’t be able to do too much damage to it. 

Best Dirt Bikes for Short Women 

For short women, finding a dirt bike that allows their feet to touch the ground can be a challenge. However, there are some child and adult-sized bikes perfect for women of shorter stature. 

2021 Kawasaki KLX110

While this is technically a child’s bike, many adult women love riding it, especially if they are new to dirt biking. 

The Kawasaki KLX110 seat is 26.8 inches (68.1 cm) off of the ground, making it the ideal size for short women since most will be able to put their feet fully on the ground. 

This bike has an air-cooled four stroke engine, which is perfect for off-road riding. It also has a four speed transmission with an automatic clutch, providing riders with easy to use gears that are great for casual rides. 

This sweet ride is not only functional but fashionable as well. Its sporty race-inspired look is perfect for female dirt bikers who want to ride in style. 

2021 Kawasaki KLX140G

This awesome dirt bike’s seat is only 33.9 inches (86.1 cm) off of the ground, which is a perfect height for shorter women. It’s a little bit taller than the KLX110, providing riders with better ground clearance. 

This bike features an electric start, steel frame, and front and rear disc brakes. 

Its four stroke air-cooled engine allows riders to maintain control over their bike. It was designed for trail riding with its 21-inch (53.3 cm) front and 18-inch (45.7 cm) back wheels. 

The Kawasaki KLX140G is on the lighter side, weighing 218.2 lb (99.0 kg), so it’ll be easier for petite women to push or lift up their bike if it falls over during a ride. 

This lime green bike features and style make this a desirable option for any short woman looking for a new ride. 

2021 Yamaha TT-R125LE 

The Yamaha TT-R125LE is perfect for shorter riders who are looking for a fun ride. Its seat is 

31.7 inches (80.5 cm) off of the ground. Its seat has a low center of gravity, providing riders with great stability. While the seat is low, the bike still has 11 inches (27.9 cm) of ground clearance, permitting it to handle a wide variety of trail conditions. 

The TT-R125LE features an air-cooled four stroke engine that provides petite women with all of the power they need for long trail rides. 

It is relatively light, only weighing 198 lb (89.8 kg). While this bike is ideal for short women, it is also a great option for teenage girls because of its light frame. 

The engine on the Yamaha TT-R125LE is very low maintenance. It is also easy to service since its filters are easily accessible, making this bike incredibly easy to care for. 

The Yamaha TT-R125LE comes with a 19-inch (48.3 cm) front wheel and a 16-inch (40.6 cm) rear wheel, which helps riders achieve greater handling and steering control. 

2020 Suzuki DR-Z125L

For riders with a smaller stature, the Suzuki DR-Z125L is an ideal ride. 

Its seat height is only 32 inches (81.3 cm), so smaller women will have no trouble riding it. As an additional bonus, it only weighs 190 lbs (86.2 kg), so smaller women should be able to restore it to its upright position if it ever topples over. 

Although this bike is small and lightweight, its adult-sized 19-inch (48.3 cm) and 16-inch (40.6 cm) wheels make it feel like its larger competitors.

The Suzuki DR-Z125L’s four stroke air-cooled engine offers low to mid-range power, which is ideal for off-roading. Its engine is turned on with a kick start, which is more challenging than the electric start but also more reliable. 

Important Dirt Bike Features 

Some of the most important features female riders need to consider before picking out their dirt bikes are how powerful the engines are, how the engines cool themselves, how the bikes turn on, the bike’s seat heights and weights, their prices, and the brands that make them. 

Two Stroke vs. Four Stroke Engine 

Two strokes and four strokes engines differ in the kind of ride they provide. Two strokes are speedy but unstable, whereas four strokes offer a smooth ride, but they are a little less powerful. 

Two stroke and four stroke engines also require different types of fuel. Two strokes need a specific pre-mix of oil and gas, whereas four strokes run on regular ol’ gas from the pump. 

Beginners typically want a bike with a four stroke engine since they are easier to control. Even more advanced riders sometimes prefer four strokes because they are more durable and fuel-efficient than two strokes. However, two strokes are lighter and easier to fix, so they are a great option for intermediate riders that can handle their power. 

Liquid-Cooled vs. Air-Cooled Engine

Air-cooled engines only require airflow to cool off their internal mechanisms. Liquid cooled engines, on the other hand, need coolant and a water pump to get rid of any heat that has built up inside of the engine. 

While liquid cooled engines are more effective at removing heat, they are also more difficult to maintain since there are multiple mechanisms involved in the cooling process that could potentially break. 

Air-cooled engines are incredibly durable and are much easier to maintain. However, they require a constant flow of air to be cooled off, so they don’t work very well in bumper-to-bumper traffic, at stoplights, when the weather is hot, or other situations where there isn’t much airflow. 

Liquid cooled engines tolerate warm weather and slow traffic extremely well, so they are ideal for bikes that are driven on the road or highway. 

Most of the dirt bikes on this list will have air-cooled engines because they are great for outdoor trail bikes. 

Electric Start vs. Kick Start 

Electric start and kick start are two different methods to start the bike’s engine. If a bike has an electric start, riders simply have to push a button to get the bike up and running. Bikes with a kick start require the rider to kick a foot pedal several times to get the engine started. 

While electric starts are easier, they are less reliable since their mechanical components are more likely to fail. Kick starts are more dependable, but they can be incredibly difficult to start, sometimes requiring multiple kicks before the engine will start up.

Seat Height

Seat height is an important factor for all riders, but especially women. Women are typically shorter than men, so they need to find a bike that is suited for their height. 

Women should select a bike that is short enough to allow them to comfortably touch the ground with at least one foot. Being able to touch the ground is an important safety feature since it allows riders to prop their bikes up, preventing them from falling over every time they stop moving. 

Listed below is a seat chart created by MX Hideout. This chart lists the ideal seat heights for riders, depending on their stature. 

Height Seat Height 
4’10”-5’0″ (147-152 cm)27-30 inches (68.5-76 cm)
5’0″-5’2″ (152-157.5 cm)29-31 inches (73.5-79 cm)
5’2″-5’4″ (157.5-162.5 cm)30-33 inches (76-84 cm)
5’4″-5’6″ (162.5-168 cm)33-35 inches (84-89 cm)
5’6″-5’8″ (168-173 cm)    34-36 inches (86-91.5 cm)
5’8″-5’11” (173-180 cm)35-38 inches (89-96.5 cm)
6’0″ or taller (183+ cm)37+ inches (94+ cm)

Bike Weight 

Female riders should select a bike with a manageable weight depending on their strength and stature. Dirt bikes, on average, weigh 215 lbs (98 kg), but there are many bikes on the market that weigh less or more than that. All women differ, so every rider will need to select a bike with a weight that works for her. 

Riders should test out the bike they are considering purchasing in the store beforehand to make sure they can push it and pick it up if it topples over. If the bike is difficult for them to maneuver, they may not want to purchase it. It will be much harder for them to pick up a heavy bike on the trail when the ground is slippery or muddy than it will in the store parking lot. 

According to Dirt Bikes 101, riders shouldn’t assume that smaller bikes will weigh less. Many off-road dirt bikes aren’t made with light materials like race bikes are, so even small ones can be very heavy. So, it is important to test out the weight of every bike, even the tiny ones. 


Brand new dirt bikes typically cost between $8000-$10000. Some models cost less or more depending on the features and quality of the bike. 

Some riders choose to purchase used dirt bikes for a lower price. The price of dirt bikes generally depreciates by approximately $1000 each year. So, a dirt bike that originally cost $8000 may be sold for around $4000 four years later. 

Riders that choose to purchase a used bike should be prepared to perform repairs. Even if the bike was really well maintained, new owners will likely need to replace or fix some parts. Before purchasing a used bike, riders should make sure the repairs won’t cost as much as it would have cost to purchase a new bike. 

Another thing to consider when deciding whether to buy new or used is the manufacturer’s warranty. Buyers only get this warranty if they buy a new bike. This warranty guarantees that the riders’ bikes will be fixed or replaced if they have any manufacturer related issues within the specific warranty time frame. Buyers won’t have this same assurance if they buy their bikes second hand. 

Brand of the Bike 

Some of the best dirt bike brands include Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and HUSQVARNA. All of these companies are leaders in the industry. They make top-notch bikes for riders at every experience level. This article will list some of the best dirt bikes from these companies for women.  

Additional Useful Features 

Women Riders Now, a motorcycle magazine for women, lists a couple of additional things female riders should be on the lookout for when they are selecting their bikes. They suggest finding a bike with hand guards, a skid plate, and headlights for added safety during outdoor trail rides. 


The best bikes for women differ depending on their height, strength, and ability level. 

For beginners, some of the best bikes are the Honda CRF230F, Yamaha WR250R, and the Kawasaki KLX140R L, which all feature four stroke engines. 

Intermediate female riders will enjoy the HUSQVARNA TE300, 2020 Yamaha YZ125, and the 2020 Kawasaki KLX230R because of their powerful engines and wonderful features. 

Teenage girls will like the 2020 Honda CRF250F, 2021 Yamaha TT-R 230, and the 2020 Honda CRF125F Big Wheel because of their reliability and ease of use. 

Shorter women may enjoy the 2021 Kawasaki KLX110, 2021 Yamaha TT-R125LE, Kawasaki KLX140G, and the 2020 Suzuki DR-Z125L because of their small, lightweight frames and shorter seat heights. 

Hopefully, this article helps you find the perfect bike. 

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