The 2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP Features, Specs, Comparison, Accessories

The Newest RZR Class

Polaris has added a new Class of Pro vehicles to the top of their line-up surpassing the XP class. The 3 new RZRs are the:

  • RZR Pro XP – $22,999 MSRP
  • RZR Pro XP Premium – $24,499 MSRP
  • RZR Pro XP Ultimate – $28,499 MSRP

Polaris essentially made the 2020 Pro XP a new vehicle from the ground up. Not just a variation of an older model.

2020 RZR Pro XP Release Dates:

On July 28th, 2019 Polaris announced the release of their three new RZRs. The Pro XP Premium and Pro XP Ultimate are available NOW and the Pro XP base model ships in January of 2020.

Polaris’ 3 Main Key Objectives for this Pro RZR Series: 

  • Design 
  • Performance 
  • Strength

Polaris’s purpose: to build a UTV that feels like the vehicle is centered around you, the driver. Ultimately creating a faster, stronger, more confident driver. They claim it’s more “Agile” than a Turbo S and the Pro XP can even corner harder!

2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP Newest features:


Color Packages

Black LimeCruiser Black
Indy RedWhite Lightning
Indy RedWhite Lightning


Polaris redesigned this vehicle built around the driver so everything is centered around them and all instruments and controls are within reach.

This driving experience can be custom tailored adjusting to the drivers’ size and driving preferences. This makes it so that the driver doesn’t have to lean away from the seat or move their hands off of the steering wheel to change something.

Additionally, they have made the cockpit 4 inches wider, providing more space and comfort.


The seats have been redesigned as a one-piece shell mount seat structure coupled with soft independent seat pads that are separated apart from each other to increase airflow. 

The shape of these seats are really suited for a range of both smaller and larger-sized people and since they are adjustable seats, they really accommodate both short and tall drivers.

The driver’s seat can slide forward and also tilt providing more legroom and can be adjustable for the different types of driving conditions that might be present, whereas the passenger has tilt-only accommodations.

Both Driver and passengers seats have quick 6-point harness seat belts with auto retract that helps reduce unwanted seatbelt lock up that used to happen on previous models.

Polaris has added a lot more storage to the PRO XP including a bigger glove box, latching center console compartment, a couple of on-dash storage boxes, and tray storage under the dash screen.

Steering Wheel

The PRO XP Premium and Ultimate come with a steering wheel that has telescoping options in addition to the standard 3 tilt-adjustable positions, and a rubber molded steering wheel for better grip.

The steering wheel is smaller and has a flat bottom for easier hand over hand turning allowing for tighter turns.

The PRO XP Ultimate offers steering wheel controls for audio, including play and pause and even accessing Ride command suspension controls. The Polaris Icon button in the audio button cluster is a customizable control function for your choice of audio, screen switching, and navigating through GPS.


Ride Command is now Off-Grid, so accessing Group Ride allows you to connect with other vehicles in real-time independent from needing satellite coverage. You can now see your buddies ride within a mile or two and possibly further depending on line-of-sight conditions.

The Ultimate Trim Package includes a Rockford Fosgate Premium Audio System and with additional upgrades, you can get a lower dash-mounted subwoofer, as well as, speaker pods and tubes for the additional premium sound.


The frame of the PRO XP has been redesigned with a different cut angle that gives it a more sleek sporty look. The most noticeable difference is the roll cage and the angle of the front bars where the windshield would go if you had one. It now has a steeper more aggressive angle than previous models.

Door cutouts are now on the back part of the door so that the debris is deflected and not flying in directly at you. For added coverage, there is a door accessory that helps fill in this gap.

The bed box size has been increased and will fit a spare tire on it and still let you use the storage area underneath.

With the new easily removable bed box, you take out four hex screws and you have complete access to the engine for easier oil changes or other maintenance needs.

In addition, Polaris provides you with a huge array of optional features like an additional 30” spare tire rack that allows you to store additional gear underneath and really tailor your UTV to your offroad needs.


The top-end of the engine has been redesigned and the turbo is now liquid-cooled, bigger, and provides more boost and power

The horsepower has been increased to 181 horsepower over the Turbo XP’s 168 horsepower. Polaris designed the Pro XP’s power band to be between 20 and 50 mph where you need it the most.

Now there is a coil built directly on each spark plug which is more convenient and secure instead of the previous remote mounted ignition coil with plug wires.

They have redesigned the coolant line so that it naturally percolates allowing heat and trapped air to leave the engine allowing for faster recovery time.

The Pro XP has a newly designed clutching system and new drive with a round slider design that has more direct contact points and they help launch dirt and debris out. It has also been redesigned for better airflow to keep the temperatures lower around the belt.

On the clutch cover, the bolts are retained making them more secure to the cover so they aren’t as easily lost in the dirt during a belt change.

Now, with an RZR PRO XP, you can expect to get 2x more life out of a belt assuming you have broken it in properly. They have tested this new clutch system and have gotten 8,000 miles out the belt with some hard riding.


Compared to the RZR XP Turbo, the front suspension travel and ground clearance increased providing you a little more wiggle room when climbing those trails with rocks and obstacles to maneuver around.

Polaris also extended the Pro’s wheelbase by an additional 6 inches helping this vehicle handle whoops and take corners. 

One of Polaris’ main considerations was to keep this vehicle as flat and as smooth as possible no matter the terrain, like whoops and tight cornering, the driver might face.

In previous RZR’s when presented with a terrain surprise the driver might have slammed on the brakes locking up the RZR versus now if you have the Ultimate model you can just press the suspension emergency button (or ‘Oh Sh!t’ button as Polaris calls it) and almost instantly stiffen the shocks preventing your UTV from bottoming out.

The upgraded Dynamix 2.0 system is designed for on-the-fly adjustment of suspension modes directly on the steering wheel. It includes an emergency button to stiffen suspension (hold down) to lock into full compression in case of a washout, trail surprise, or drop off.

In normal driving mode, these auto-adjusting shocks adapt to turning applications hardening outside shocks and softening inside shocks for smoother cornering and its shocks calibrate for all 3 driving modes. 


The 2020 RZR Pro XP was built with a stronger frame and roll cage with 2” pipe that is continuous. The chassis had been completely re-designed into a one-piece stronger configuration never done before on a Polaris.

The seats have been lowered within the frame, changing the drivers center of gravity increasing the balance and stabilization of the vehicle. Yet at the same time, the seating accommodations can still maintain the driver’s desired sightlines and does not compromise the driver’s visibility

The suspension has high clearance A-arms, increased strength, and size of the radius rods, and trailing arms.

The Pro XP has the strongest chassis Polaris has ever built, as well as, drivetrain, transmission, knuckles, hubs, bearings, drop shafts, and half shafts have all been beefed up for a fully reinforced drive train.

Specs: The RZR Pro XP vs the RZR XP Turbo

 2020 RZR PRO XP2020 RZR XP Turbo
Price (MSRP)$22,999.00$20,999.00
Engine TypeTurbo H.O.; 4-Stroke DOHC
Twin Cylinder Turbocharged
Turbo H.O.; 4-Stroke DOHC
Twin Cylinder Turbocharged
TransmissionCVT (PVT)CVT (PVT)
Dry Weight1,736 lb (789.2 kg)1,487lb (676 kg)
Length126″ (320cm)119″ (302.2cm)
Width64″ (163cm)64″ (162.6cm)
Height71.7″ 182cm73.75″ (187.3cm)
Wheelbase96″ (244cm)90″ (228.6cm)
Ground Clearance14.5″ (36.8cm)14 in (35.6 cm)
Front Suspension17″ travel (20″ usable)16″ travel (20″ usable)
Rear Suspension20″ travel (22″ usable)18″ travel (20″ usable)
Front Tires30 x 10-14 Maxxis Carnivore29 x 9-14; Maxxis Bighorn
Rear Tires30 x 10-14 Maxxis Carnivore29 x 11-14; Maxxis Bighorn
Fuel Capacity12 gal (45.4 L)9.5 gal (35.9 L)

PRO XP vs PRO XP Premium vs PRO XP Ultimate

What’s the difference?

Color OptionsBlack Lime & Cruiser BlackIndy Red & White LightningIndy Red & White Lightning
InstrumentationDual Analog Dials w/ 4″ LCD Rider Information CenterDual Analog Dials w/ 4″ LCD Rider Information CenterRIDE COMMAND® 7” Glove-Touch
Display: DYNAMIX 2.0 Visualizer,
Digital Instrumentation, Dual
Analog Dials w/ 4″ LCD Rider
Information Center
AudioN/AN/ABluetooth & USB Smartphone
Connectivity, AM/FM & Weather
Radio, In-Vehicle Communications Capable
With Optional Sena
Headsets, Rockford Fosgate Premium Audio (Including 2 Tweeters, 2 Front Speakers, and External 400W Amp)
GPSN/AN/ABuilt-In GPS, Group ride (cell-based or GPS based), Topographic Mapping
LightingWhite LED, Low/High & Red LED Tail / Brake LightsFront, Rear, and Interior Accent Lighting; White LED, Low/High & Red LED Tail / Brake LightsFront, Rear, and Interior Accent Lighting; White LED, Low/High & Red LED Tail / Brake Lights
Seat TypeBolstered Bucket Seats with 4-way adjustability and Height Adjustable Seat BeltsBolstered Bucket Seats with 4-way adjustability (including 6″ front to back toolless seat slider with tilt adjustability) and Retractable Click-6 HarnessesBolstered Bucket Seats with 4-way adjustability (including 6″ front to back toolless seat slider with tilt adjustability) and Retractable Click-6 Harnesses
Electronic Power SteeringStandardStandard with improved telescoping Steering WheelStandard with Improved Telescoping Steering Wheel, Improved Ergonomic Steering Wheel with Push Button Capabilities
Front Shocks2 in Walker Evans Needle with 16-Position Adjustable Clickers2 in Walker Evans Needle with 16-Position Adjustable ClickersFOX 2.5 Podium Internal Bypass Shocks with Live Valve (Electronically Controlled Damping)
Rear Shocks2.5 in Walker Evans Needle with 16-Position Adjustable Clickers2.5 in Walker Evans Needle with 16-Position Adjustable ClickersFOX 2.5 Podium Internal Bypass Shocks with Live Valve (Electronically Controlled Damping)
Front Tires30 x 10-14 MAXXIS Carnivore; Wheel Size 14×630 x 10-14 MAXXIS Carnivore; Wheel Size 14×630 x 10-14 MAXXIS Carnivore 2.0 (8-Ply); Wheel Size 14×6
Rear Tires30 x 10-14 MAXXIS Carnivore; Wheel Size 14×730 x 10-14 MAXXIS Carnivore; Wheel Size 14×730 x 10-14 MAXXIS Carnivore 2.0 (8-Ply); Wheel Size 14×7
Electronic Suspension Control SystemN/AN/ADYNAMIX 2.0
Dry Weight1,736 lb (789.2 kg)1,749 lbs (795.1 kg)1,773 lbs (804 kg)

What’s the same?

 RZR PRO XP, Premium, and Ultimate
Engine TypeTurbo High Output Liquid Cooled 4-Stroke DOHC Twin Cylinder
Cylinders Displacement925cc
Horsepower181 HP
Drive System TypeIsolated Xtreme Performance True On-Demand AWD/2WD
Transmission/Final DriveCVT – Automatic PVT P/R/N/L/H
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel Injection
Vehicle Length126″ (320cm)
Vehicle Width64″ (163cm)
Vehicle Height71.7″ 182cm
Wheelbase96″ (244cm)
Ground Clearance14.5″ (36.8 cm)
Payload Capacity740 lb (336 kg)
Fuel Capacity12 gal (45.4 L)
Bed Box Dimensions (L x W x H)26 x 17.7 x 11.5 in (66 x 45 x 29.2 cm)
Box Capacity300 lb (136.1 kg)
Front/Rear Brakes4-Wheel Hydraulic Disc with Triple-Bore Front and Dual-Bore Rear Calipers
Parking BrakePark In-Transmission
Cargo SystemLock & Ride®
DoorsVented 1/2 Doors
Other Standard Features900W stator, Polaris Pulse system, USB Charging, DC Charging
Front SuspensionHigh-Clearance Dual A-Arm with Stabilizer Bar and 20″ (50.8 cm) Usable Travel, 17″ (43.2 cm) Wheel Travel
Rear SuspensionTrailing Arm with Stabilizer Bar and 22″ (55.9 cm) Usable Travel, 20″ (50.8 cm) Wheel Travel

Accessories and Factory Add-ons

Included in these RZR’s is a panel that is prewired for up to 6 additional accessories. As well as, a 6-gage wired hotspot pocket specifically designed for adding a winch allowing for a quick 20-minute installation that easily integrates into the RZR Pro XP seamlessly.

The new Pulse System is a pre-built-in wire routing and clip points for accessories like routing wires for light bars and speakers.

On the Premium & Ultimate models, blue/red LED accent lighting has been placed along the inside of the dash in and more accent lighting was added to the nose and back of the vehicle.

Polaris offers 50+ accessory options to add on to your RZR Pro XP like additional storage options for spare tires, helmets, and coolers. Easily removable lock and load storage bins make for convenient packing accommodations.

RZR Pro XP Factory Accessories:

Description (with a clickable link)CostImage
Aluminium Roof 2-seatOpens in a new tab.$484.99
Aluminium Light Pocket Roof – 2-seat$499.99
Poly Sport RoofOpens in a new tab.$349.99
Glass Full WindshieldOpens in a new tab.$749.99
Vented Full Windshield – Hard Coat Poly (NOT roof compatible)$569.99
Vented Full Windshield – Hard Coat Poly (Roof compatible)$569.99
Hard Coat Poly Half WindshieldOpens in a new tab.$249.99
Hard Coat Poly Rear Panel/Opens in a new tab.$349.99
Premium Convex Rear View MirrorOpens in a new tab.$119.99
Adjustable Folding Side MirrorsOpens in a new tab.$199.99
Low Profile Rock SlidersOpens in a new tab.$339.99 – $364.99
Extreme Kickout Rock SlidersOpens in a new tab.$349.99 – $374.99
PMX-2 Head Unit by Rockford FosgateOpens in a new tab.$549.99
Stage 2 Audio Kit by Rockford FosgateOpens in a new tab.$749.99
10″ Subwoofer Stage 3 Upgrade by Rockford Fosgate$749.99
Stage 4 Audio Upgrade by Rockford FosgateOpens in a new tab.$1,199.99
Rear Speaker Pods by Rockford FosgateOpens in a new tab.$599.99
Ride CommandOpens in a new tab.$1,549.99
Rigid® 28″ SR-Series Single-Row 28″ Combo LED Light Bar$779.99
Rigid® SR-Series 32” Combo LED Light BarOpens in a new tab.$819.99
Rigid® Dual-Row Combo LED Light BarOpens in a new tab. $314.99
70L Forward Cargo BoxOpens in a new tab.$299.99
40L Rear Cargo BoxOpens in a new tab.$199.99
Polaris Northstar® Cooler – Graphite – 30 Qt.$239.99
Lock & Ride® 30 Qt. Cooler BracketOpens in a new tab.$69.99
Pivoting Spare Tire CarrierOpens in a new tab.$499.99
Polaris® Pro HD 4500 LB WinchOpens in a new tab.$879.99
Polaris® PRO HD 6,000 Lb. WinchOpens in a new tab.$979.99
Wheel & Tire Set: Pro Armor® Crawler XG & BuckleOpens in a new tab.$1,449.99
Wheel & Tire Set: Pro Armor® Sand & BuckleOpens in a new tab.$1,549.99
Pro Armor® Wheel & Tire Set: Flare – Matte Black & Crawler XG – 30″$1,499.99
Pro Armor® Wheel & Tire Set: Wyde – Matte Black & Attack 2.0 – 30″$1,449.99
Pro Armor® Wheel & Tire Set: WhiteOut – 30″$2,059.99
Low/High Profile Front/Back BumpersOpens in a new tab.$289.99 – $364.99
High-Coverage Front BumpersOpens in a new tab.$339.99
High Coverage Front BumpersOpens in a new tab.$364.99
9.5L Shoulder Storage BagOpens in a new tab.$99.99
Full Doors/Closeoffs InsertsOpens in a new tab.$199.99
7.25L Door Storage BagOpens in a new tab.$129.99

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