6-Seat Side-By-Side Comparison- Best 6-Seater UTVs

6 seater UTV blog post cover image featuring a Polaris 6 seat side-by-side

Side-By-Sides are growing increasingly popular with dunes and trail-riding enthusiasts these days for good reason. These are powerful and fun machines that will help you to conquer all kinds of terrain in the security of a seat. This can be a more preferred experience when off-roading than can be offered by a quad or a dirt bike as being able to take your friends and family with you as you ride is a lot of fun.

These UTVs have increased in size over the years and 6-seaters are now available on the market in addition to the standard two and four-seater varieties. This means more fun for a family that wants to simply ride along and it means that you can bring more people with you to the dunes, on a hunting excursion, on the trails, and more. This can be one of the best options for a large family purchasing a UTV and people are eager to take advantage of what this option can mean for adventuring fun.

If you are ready to learn more about the best 6-seater Side-by-Sides that are on the market today, read on!

What is the Best 6 Seat UTV?

The answer to this question might vary depending on your unique desires related to your use of your UTV. There are models on the market that are more performance-focused and models that are more comfort-focused. All of them will offer you the ability to traverse lots of tough terrain types as you go on adventures that would not be possible to be enjoyed with a traditional four-wheeler or a dirt bike.

The best 6-seat UTV might be a Polaris if you want great power and less speed. You might be inclined to look into Can-Am models if you want to have a more comfortable ride for your family. There are also going to be upgraded models within each brand’s catalog of design choices that will offer you additional features to tailor your use of the vehicle more specifically to your needs.

You will always want to consider the power and the speed that you want to have access to first when you are picking your UTV, but you can upgrade and customize many parts of your driving and use experience from there with different packages and options. You will be able to look at all of the additional features and functions for most of these models with ease when you shop online, but sometimes going to see and sit in these vehicles can also really help you to decide which one is the right one for your needs. There is no shortage of ways to customize and improve your driving and enjoyment of your UTV and you should make sure that you are willing to look carefully at all the options before you buy.

Does Polaris Make a 6 Seat UTV?

Polaris does make a 6-seater UTV and you will get all of the usual quality features and functions when you buy from Polaris. This is a company that makes a lot of really great adventuring vehicles and most of them can be used for work as well as play. The 6-seater Ranger that is made by Polaris offers a full-body skid plate as well as a durable front bumper. You can also upgrade the tires to 29” if you want to do so. You will get a really nice and smooth ride from this vehicle and this can make it a great choice for family fun as well as for business or work use.

The Ranger Crew will cost you about $12,000 for the base model but you can upgrade to add additional speed features, additional comfort features, or even additional towing capacity and load handling features. This is a really nice UTV that is perfect for all kinds of uses and you will get the benefit of backing from a well-known and beloved brand when you pick this Side-by-Side for your needs.

Does Can-Am Make a 6-Seater Side-By-Side?

Can-Am also makes a 6-seater UTV called the Commander Max. This is a really nice UTV to pick if you want power and fun as well as the horsepower and frame strength for some hard work. This is a company that is always focused more on performance than on comfort, but they have been increasingly moving toward adding some comfort features to their UTV offerings. You will get a tough and reliable vehicle that can handle all kinds of tough terrain with ease when you buy from Can-Am.

There are many ways to upgrade this vehicle to make it fitter for trail use or for activities like hunting. They also offer desert-specific features and functions that can be perfect for your location if that is the terrain that you encounter most often. Handling sand well is one of the best-known and beloved features of this brand and getting a side-by-side to take to the dunes is easy when you work with Can-Am for your side-by-side purchase.

There is a specific look to a Can-Am that is sporty and exciting and this is part of the reason that they are so popular with adventuring families and people who love to go fast and have fun when they are out using their UTV. You might not get as comfortable of a ride from this vehicle, but you will get a really high-performance experience and a vehicle that looks amazing while it is working hard on your behalf.

How Much Does a 6-Seater Side-By-Side Weigh?

The weight of your UTV can impact handling, the way in which you transport it, and considerations of use with a heavy load of people in the seats. This is something that not many people consider when they are buying. You will want to look at the weight of the Side-by-Side before you commit to buying so that you are sure about the kinds of use and functions that you can use your 6-seater for.

When you are looking at weight, remember that “dry weight” is the weight of the UTV without passengers, cargo, or fuel of any kind. The curb weight and operating weight or wet weight will include all of the fluids and a full tank of gas. This is not something that everyone knows and it can impact your ability to judge what kind of hauling arrangement you need to make as well as how you enjoy your UTV after you have purchased it.

  • Yamaha

Yamaha 6-seaters come in at about 1761 pounds. This is a nice balance of weight and available performance and you can get a little bit of the best of both worlds when you choose this model. Yamaha has been a well-known name for years and they do know their way around comfortable and yet practical and powerful adventuring vehicles.

  • Polaris

The Polaris Ranger Crew will come in at about 1936 pounds on average without passengers. This might go up or down depending on your cargo load, the amount of fuel that you are carrying, and then of course the number of passengers in the vehicle with you. You will need to think about this capacity and weight when you are considering the terrain and the kinds of activities that you want to do with your 6-seater.

  • Can-Am

Can-Am is always focused on the performance aspects of their products and you can get a 6-seater UTV from them that comes in at about 1770 pounds. This is a wet weight, so you will just need to add in the passengers when you are thinking about the total weight of the item when in use. This reduction in weight has a little bit to do with the reduction in some comfort items, which means that you will not get as soft and comfortable of a ride as with some other models.

  •  Kawasaki

The curb weight of a Kawasaki Mule with six seats is about 1911.7 pounds. This will include everything but the passengers. You will find that Kawaski and Polaris tend to be heavier overall as they are built for work duty operations as well as for trail and dunes use. You are looking at the comparison of a hunting quad style weight rather than a sportbike weight when you think about this brand and what its 6-seater weighs. This is also a very capable option for family comfort and safety due in part to the added weight.

  •   Honda

Honda UTVs of this size will come in around 1538 pounds with standard equipment and fluids on board. You will just need to add the weight of your passengers to be considered as part of the total weight involved. You will find that Hondas tend to be more lightweight as a whole and this can be better for some terrains and some uses.

How to Choose the Right 6-Seater UTV

If you are still feeling like you are not sure how to pick from all of these great options for your UTV purchase, there are some ways that you can narrow down your search a bit and help focus on the items that you really need for your use of this vehicle. If you have owned a UTV before, some of these considerations might be familiar to you already, but many people step into the UTV market without having ever even sat in one before.

This list of considerations can help you to pick the perfect UTV for you and your friends and family to use and enjoy. You will want to make sure that you are clear with yourself and with your family about what really matters to you in your purchase before you buy something and are disappointed.

1.       Consider Total Weight

The total weight of the vehicle can impact the activities that you can do with it and can also limit the kinds of terrains that you can handle when fully loaded. Sand and other soft surfaces can be more challenging if you are looking at the heavier model and the comfort additions to make these heavier units will be offset by a reduction in the nimble nature that you might be looking for.

Always consider what kind of terrain you need to be working with when you are using your UTV and make sure that you are not going to be unable to have fun with your UTV when it is fully loaded. You want to be able to access the locations and the activities that made you want a Side-by-Side in the first place and weight can impact these options greatly in some cases.

2.       Consider Power

If you want a more speedy and nimble performance package, you will need to look at a slightly less comfortable interior to offset the weight needed for comfort items. You will want to be sure that you can enjoy all that power with the vehicle fully loaded and that might mean that you will not be able to use a more powerful unit with small children for example. There are many reasons that you might want power for your regular use but if you want to go fast or climb tough hills and terrain, power can be a must.

There is a balance between comfort and performance that is a delicate one and you need to be sure that you are getting the right ratio of performance options when compared with safety and comfort options. The question of power is often not a huge consideration when you are looking at a large UTV unless you really want to go fast or climb intensely, but if this is important, make sure you build this into your buying process.

3.       Consider Cargo Space

Do you need to use your 6-seater UTV for work? Are you needing to bring camping gear or other items with you when you are out having fun? The storage options for 6-seaters can vary greatly between brands and you might be surprised at how little storage is possible with some models of larger UTV. This is a major stumbling block if you want speed and power as well as storage and you will need to shop carefully to meet both of these needs.

The storage options for your 6-seater can also greatly add to the weight of the total unit when in use, so make sure that you do not forget about this. You can easily make your 6-seater much less fun to ride in and to use when you are looking at needing to carry a lot of weight for the terrain that you want to navigate during your adventures.

4.       Think About Fuel Capacity

Most people use their UTV with ready access to their campsite or to a location that offers fuel as needed. However, if you are looking to use your Side-by-Side over great distances, you need to think about the amount of fuel that it will use and the size of the gas tank. You can also take into consideration the amount of fuel that you can carry on the unit with you.

The fuel capacity can be a critical function for your needs if you want to ride your 6-seater over long distances away from services. This can be a common need for those that like to participate in events in the desert and you will want to be sure that you do not fall in love with a 6-seater that cannot be used in this way if that is what you like to do most. The added seats can impact your ability to carry fuel with you, so make sure that you are not forgetting about this crucial point when selecting your machine.

5.       Consider Overall Performance

While this is not always the prime consideration for a larger UTV purchase, power and speed are what make these items fun in some uses. You will not want to scrimp on this part of your purchase if you love to use your UTV as a toy and the dunes are a really great place to enjoy the power and speed that these units are capable of and you can do so even with your family along for the ride.

Purchasing wisely for power and speed with performance in mind can be really important for some users of UTVS. It can be easy to get caught up in looking at the comfort options or the total weight of the machine for hauling purposes, and forget about the stuff that makes using the machine fun! You will want to consider what you want to do with your UTV before you pick one that does not offer the power and the performance choices that you really need for your enjoyment.

6-Seater UTVs Can be Fun and Practical

There are many makers of 6-seater UTVs these days but they do not all offer the same benefits and features. Make sure that you are looking critically at all of the various options that these makers offer before you choose one at random. You might want to consider many variables related to power, performance, comfort, and cargo capacity and you should take the time to be really honest with yourself about what you absolutely must have when buying a UTV for fun or for work purposes.

UTVs are increasing in popularity as they grow ever more capable for many different needs. This is a really great investment for your adventuring fun and you will love your purchase even more if you take the time to consider all the various options available carefully.

Who Makes the Best Electric UTV?

A Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) is one of the best ways to explore rough trails. But most of them run on unleaded fuel, aka gasoline. I wanted to find one that would be powered by an electric battery. So, I did some research into what the best options were. Here is what you need to know when buying an electric UTV. 

There are a few companies that make exceptional electric UTVs. The Polaris Ranger EV is one of the most well-known electric UTVs. But you might also want to consider manufacturers like Hisun, Textron, and Nikola. 

Many brands might make an electric UTV. But do they have quality offerings? Let’s look at some of the best electric UTV manufacturers on the market and the models they offer. 

Does Polaris Make an Electric UTV?

Polaris is a large, well-trusted manufacturer in the side-by-side arena. They have spent several years proving that they know how to construct an exceptional UTV. They do manufacture an electric UTV. This is called the Polaris Ranger EV

This is one of the few electric models that is made by a major manufacturer. To give you a better sense of whether it’s a good choice for you, let’s look at some of the features that it offers. 

How Fast Does a Polaris Ranger EV go?

If you’re planning on getting a UTV, you want to be able to travel quickly. You might be using it for hunting and need to keep up with the game. You might be a farmer who needs to get a back paddock urgently. But, for most of us, we like to go fast because it’s fun. 

The Polaris Ranger doesn’t disappoint in the speed department. It’s capable of going at around 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour).  That’s pretty good, considering that the average UTV will travel at 45 miles per hour. Remember that things like the amount of weight you are carrying might affect the top speed that you can achieve. 

What is the Range of a Polaris Ranger EV?

One of the most important considerations when choosing an electric vehicle is the range. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle because you ran out of battery life. To drive a Polaris Ranger EV, you’ll need to use eight batteries. These are placed under the seat. 

Once you’ve charged them up, the batteries should last for around 25 to 30 miles. The display lets you track how far you will be able to travel with a single charge. Generally, this will mean that you’ll be able to drive the EV for between one to two hours.

To keep them working for a long time, you’ll need to take care of the batteries. Before you start using them, make sure that the new batteries have been fully charged. At the end of each day, fully recharge the battery. If you can do this, the batteries should last for four years. If you need to replace them, consult your Polaris dealership. 

Does Honda Make an Electric UTV?

Honda has earned a great reputation in the UTV world. Generally, their products are built to last for a long time and deliver exceptional performance. Naturally, they were another stop on my quest to find an electric UTV. 

Currently, Honda doesn’t offer an electric UTV. However, they do have plans to create one in the future. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Honda launched a range of new technologies. One of the most exciting was a battery. This would be able to work with multiple devices, from UTVs to appliances in the home. 

To help show off this concept, the Honda team showed how these batteries would work in a Honda Pioneer. This presentation shows that the UTV would be powered by two batteries, in the side of the vehicle. Though it’s unclear when you can expect to purchase one, it’s a very exciting announcement. It shows that Honda is actively considering an electric UTV. 

What Other Manufacturers Make Electric UTVs? 

While Honda and Polaris might be some of the most well-known UTV manufacturers, there are plenty of other companies that produce these vehicles.  Many of them are embracing electric UTVs, feeling that they could represent the future of the industry. 


Hisun offers an electric UTV, called the Sector E1. This offers fairly good performance. For example, you’ll be able to get 45 miles of range per charge. It will take about six hours for these batteries to be fully recharged. 

There are a few other features that will come in useful when you are on the track. For example, you’ll be able to get a powerful winch. It will be able to tow up to 1,500 pounds. Because of this, this can be a very versatile UTV. 


Another company that is starting to explore the electric UTV world is Textron. This company is uniquely positioned to take control of the industry. This is because they have been making some powerful partnerships, including Arctic Cat. The electric UTV that they have made is the Off-Road Prowler EV iS

This UTV has several interesting features. The battery is expected to last for between eight to 12 hours. This will usually depend on how you are planning on using it. It’s a four-wheel drive, so you won’t need to worry about muddy tracks. It’s capable of towing up to 1,000 pounds. 


Nikola is a high-profile company that makes an electric UTV, called the Nikola NZT.  Recently, the company has been getting a lot of attention because some people speculate that it could be the next Tesla. However, Nikola is focused more on developing electric trucks. 

Their UTV offering has a suitably futuristic design. It also delivers excellent performance, with one of the biggest battery packs on the market. You should be able to get around 125 miles before you need to recharge. The battery can be recharged in two hours. It also comes with the ability to tow 3,000 pounds. The biggest issue, though, is the price. It will set you back $80,000. 

What is the Future of Electric UTVs? 

As we’ve seen, there are a few manufacturers that are starting to produce electric UTVs. It’s likely that this is a trend that will continue for the long-term.  It’s also likely that components, like batteries, will grow cheaper making these UTVs more accessible. 

However, one of the biggest reasons why the electric UTV will continue to grow in popularity is continued research. There will be plenty of new technology developed. This will have a big impact on the UTV. We can expect to see batteries becoming more powerful, increasing the range of these vehicles. It’s also likely that the weight will continue to drop. As this happens, they will grow more competitive with petrol-powered models. 

There are a few other factors to consider. First, battery power makes driving a UTV more environmentally sustainable. This is increasingly important to buyers. Also, a battery-powered UTV tends to be quieter. This can be a huge advantage to hunters, allowing them to sneak up on their prey. Other people prefer a quieter engine because it allows them to enjoy the peace of the outdoors. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a great electric UTV doesn’t need to be difficult. There are plenty of great models available for you to choose from. Each of these will deliver exceptional performance. It’s best to investigate several options before you decide which one will be best for you.