Most offroaders blend between different offroad vehicles and one of the biggest reasons is being able to go anywhere and do anything on any and all trails that are out there

Growing up going to the sand dunes we owned smaller 4 wheelers and larger offroad vehicles and learned quickly that there were a lot of trails that the buggy just couldn’t go on because we were over that 50” wide threshold. And let’s face it, when you are off-road you don’t want to be limited, those twisting tight trails are a blast.

That’s where the 50” Trail class UTV comes in. It lets you share that offroading experience with friends and family and comes in a small footprint capable of going on those smaller restricted trails.

UTV Trail Width Restrictions?

It’s all about the trails, and a large percent of offroad public riding trails have width restrictions on the offroad vehicle. The two main size categories are the ATV trails (50” or less) and OHV trails (>50”). Most ATV trail restrictions are limited to offroad vehicles that are four-wheeler sized vs. OHV trails are suited more for most UTVs and other larger offroad vehicles.

In fact, there are lots of Trail Navigation that can help you plan ahead of time and see some of those trail restrictions before you go on your offroading trip.

Depending on where you ride they may also limit the trail usage by the seat configuration and or the weight of the vehicle instead of just the width. Whereas, some other trails may just have a gate that is an indicator if you meet the width restriction or not.

Some of the biggest obstacles to navigate on these small trails are trees on both sides of the trail, and your ride possibly getting lodged in between them. 

We use COTrex here in Colorado to navigate through our offroad trails and it is really awesome because it shows trails specific to the type of vehicle you want to ride. 

Should I go with a 50 or 60 Inch Side by Side?

Whether you are wanting a compact UTV that can fit on most offroad trails, or for the ease of trailering or maybe fitting your side by side in the back of your truck, it is definitely an option worth considering.

Since so many trails are restricted for offroad vehicles 50”-60” inches it’s hard to not want an offroad vehicle that is narrower, yet still performs and also secures another passenger. 

Keep in mind the 60” UTV’s are going to also be longer and therefore the UTV’s center of gravity will feel a lot different, and if you are a larger person you might feel more comfortable in a larger side by side. 

50” UTV vs. ATV

Let’s face it, many of us out there in the dirt can’t help but notice the large scope of different offroad vehicles out there. If you are on a 4 wheeler you are used to riping through small tight trails and maybe you are getting an itch for the UTV experience.

After hunching over your quad seat and having to use your body to manipulate your vehicle all the time, those nice bucket & bench seats start to look inviting, especially after hours of riding,

Having that roll cage protection, seat belts and a passenger to your side can definitely do have a certain ring to it. But let me guess, what you are concerned about is just how much bigger UTV’s are to ATV’s, Right?

Here is the answer: 50” side by sides help bridge this gap so that you can still get on tight trails, but in the comfort of a seat you don’t have to lean over.  

So, which side by sides are 50”?

Polaris 50 Inch Side by Sides

2020 Polaris – RZR 570 ($10,599 MSRP)

  • ProStar 570 4-Stroke DOHC Single Cylinder
  • 45 Horsepower
  • 9”/9.5” Suspension Travel
  • ZF Sachs Shocks
  • Dual A-Arm & Sway Bar
  • Aggressive Driving & Seating Position
  • High-Performance True On-Demand AWD
  • Agile Maneuverable Wheelbase
  • 10.5” Ground Clearance
  • 25” Tires
  • Color option: White

2020 Polaris – RZR 570 Premium ($12,599 MSRP)

  • All the features of the above 570 plus:
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • VersaTrac Turf Mode
  • Maxxis® Tires
  • Premium Aluminum Wheels
  • Premium Painted Panels
  • High/Low Beam Headlights
  • Color options: Titanium Metallic

2020 Polaris – RZR 900 ($13,399 MSRP)

power-to-weight ratio & lightning-fast acceleration from 0 to 40 mph in just 3.76 seconds.

  • 75 HP ProStar 900
  • ProStar 900 4-Stroke DOHC Twin Cylinder
  • 10”/10” Suspension Travel
  • Dual A-Arm & Sway Bar
  • Aggressive Driving & Seating Position
  • True On-Demand AWD
  • Agile Maneuverable Wheelbase
  • 11” Ground Clearance
  • 26” Tires
  • Color options: White

2020 Polaris – RZR 900 Premium ($15,199 MSRP)

  • All the features of the above 900 plus:
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • High-Performance True On-Demand AWD
  • Color options: Premium Black Pearl, Premium Matte Nara Bronze

2020 Polaris – RZR 900 FOX Edition ($15,399 MSRP)

  • All the features of the above 900 Premium plus:
  • FOX – 2.0 Podium X (External Reservoir Shock With 24 Adjustable Clicker Positions)
  • Straight 1/2 Doors
  • LED Headlights
  • Color Option: Radar Blue

2019 Polaris – ACE 500 ($7,299 MSRP)

  • 10% more legroom than the competition. 
  • ProStar 500cc, 4-Stroke SOHC Single Cylinder
  • 32 HP
  • Over 1 gallon of cockpit storage. 
  • Tilt steering and adjustable seat slider.
  • Comfortable sit in, step out design
  • 10″ of ground clearance
  • Legendary rear suspension with 9.5″ of wheel travel
  • Color option: Velocity Blue

2019 Polaris – ACE 570 EPS ($9,299 MSRP)

  • ProStar 567cc, 4-Stroke DOHC Single Cylinder
  • 45 horsepower
  • Trail Premium Dual A-arm Suspension
  • 10.25″ of ground clearance to clear the toughest obstacles
  • Integrated 3-gallon front storage compartment
  • Quarter Doors
  • Legendary Independent Rear Suspension with 9.5″ of wheel travel
  • Comfortable sit in, step out design
  • Tilt steering
  • Adjustable seat slider
  • Color option: Ghost Gray

Can-AM 50 Inch Side by Sides

2020 Can-AM – Maverick Trail ($11,099)

  • Choice of Rotax 800- or-1000-cc V-twins  
  • Choice of 51 and 75 horsepower
  • Comfort and capacity of Ergo-Lok technology
  • Comfort all day seats
  • Selectable 2WD / 4WD with Visco-Lok auto-locking front differential
  • Adjustable tilt steering and thick-rimmed wheel
  • Multifunction digital gauge display 
  • Electronic Hill Descent Control
  • Double A-arm front suspension and TTA rear suspension up to 10″ front and 10.5″ rear travel.
  • Profiled steel cage, front steel bumper and full skid plates
  • Storage: Class-Leading 5.3 US gal (20.2 L)
  • Quick Response System (QRS) CVT
  • Half door (Only for 1000)
  • Color Option: White

2020 Can-AM – Maverick Trail DPS ($13,099)

  • All the features of the above Maverick Trail plus:
  • Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
  • 12-in. (30.5 cm) aluminum wheels
  • Ergoprint seats with color accents
  • Color Options: Triple Black, Can-AM Red, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo

Textron / Arctic Cat 50 Inch Side by Sides

2019 Arctic Cat – Wildcat Trail ($10,999 MSRP)

  • Rack and Pinion, Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Steel Wheels
  • 990 lb (449.1 kg) (Dry)
  • Color Options: Black with Orange Earth

2019 Arctic Cat – Wildcat Trail XT ($12,499 MSRP)

  • Electronic Power Steering, Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • 1,025 lb (465 kg) (Dry)
  • Color Options: Blue with Lime Green

2019 Arctic Cat – Wildcat Trail LTD ($13,499 MSRP)

  • Electronic Power Steering, Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Standard Full Doors
  • 1,025 lb (465 kg) (Dry)
  • FOX® Shock Double A-Arm Suspension
  • Color options: Charcoal Metallic with Fire Red

Honda 50 Inch Side by Side

2020 Honda – Pioneer 500 ($9,199)

  • 5-speed Automatic Transmission with AT/MT modes
  • Paddle shifters
  • 475cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Low-RPM torque
  • Independent rear suspension 
  • Bench-style seat
  • Electronic fuel injection

Cub Cadet 50 Inch Side by Sides

2018 Cub Cadet – Challenger 400 ($5,999 MSRP)

  • 404cc OHV Subaru engine
  • Dent-resistant cargo bed with 350 lb. capacity
  • D-ring tie-downs and bed divider slots
  • Cargo Bed Dent-resistant, double-walled cargo bed with tie-downs (accepts bed dividers)
  • Bed Lift Hydraulic lift assist
  • TailgateFlip-down latchable tailgate
  • Max Speed 25 mph

2018 Cub Cadet – Challenger 400LX ($6,599 MSRP)

  • Standard full windshield
  • Hard roof 
  • Aluminum alloy wheels with off-road tires 
  • Adjustable headrests.

2018 Cub Cadet – Challenger 400 4×4 (7,999 MSRP)

  • Four-wheel drive
  • Dual A-Arm / Swing Arm solid axle
  • Heavy-duty coil Shocks 
  • selectable rear locking differential 
  • 400-pound capacity and dent-resistant, double-walled cargo bed
  • adjustable driver’s seat
  • aluminum-alloy wheels

CFMOTO 50 Inch Side by Sides

2019 CFMOTO – Zforce 500 Trail ($8,999 MSRP)

  • 3000 lb winch, 2″ receiver and hitch
  • Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  • CFMOTO 14” alloy wheels
  • Roof, side door nets, 
  • electronic power steering, tilt steering with steering wheel lock, horn

2019 CFMOTO – Zforce 800 Trail ($10,999 MSRP)

  • Highest Ground Clearance in the Trail class with 12.2 in. (310 mm)
  • V-Twin cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 8-valve
  • 800 cc engine with 62 horsepower
  • CVTech® Secondary and wet clutch automatic
  • Double A-arms with adjustable coil-over nitrogen gas shocks
  • Half Doors

What is the Best 50-inch Side by Side UTV?

  • Best High-Performance Sport 50” UTV: Polaris RZR 900
  • Best Comfort and Suspension 50” UTV: Can-Am Maverick Trail 1000
  • Best Value 50” UTV: Polaris Ace 500
  • Best Utility 50” UTV: Stock Honda Pioneer 500 or a Polaris RZR w/Aftermarket Accessories

50-inch wide UTV comparison

Related Questions:

Does Yamaha make a 50-inch Side by Side?

No, Yamaha does not make a 50-in side-by-side. They used to make a model called the Rhino that was between 54.1” and 56.6” in width. They were in production from 2004 – 2013. You can still find used Yamaha rhinos at dealerships and from third-party sellers online.

Kawasaki 50 Inch Side by Side

Kawasaki is another manufacturer that created a whole line of UTVs that were just over the 50” mark called the Mule. The Kawasaki Mule has been in production since 1988 and their current lineup of 2020’s range from 52.6” all the way to 60” wide. For a fun, Kawasaki UTV History brochure from 1988-2012 click this link.

What about older used trail UTVs?

In 2008 a company called Land Pride had two models of utility UTVs, the Treker 4200NT 4×2 and the 4200NT 4×4, that were 50.5” wide. They were powered by a 20 horsepower 614cc Honda engine. So there’s another one for anyone looking in the used market.

50 Inch 4 Seater Side by Side

There is not currently a 50″ trail-ready 4-seater on the market. For those of you out there that want the narrowest UTV 4-seater, John Deere makes a Gator that is 56.5” wide and 144” in Length. There are 3 models to choose from:  

  • XUV560E S4 16 hp, air-cooled, Alternator 16 amp, Speed limit @ 28mph
  • XUV590E S4 32 hp, liquid-cooled 65 amp @4200rpm, Speed limit @ 45mph
  • XUV590M S4 32 hp, liquid-cooled 65 amp @4200rpm, Speed limit @ 45mph

They have a 4-Cycle gas v-twin with a dynamically tuned carb and feature a 1100LB Towing Capacity. Click here for the brochure.

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Still looking for more UTV’s that will fit on a 50″ trail? Check out this article about youth UTV’s as they are all under 50″ in width.

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