We are looking to expand our writing team. We need a few people that have actual hands-on knowledge in off-roading.

This could be a good opportunity for those wanting to work from home (or the track) and do so by writing about something they’re passionate about.

We are looking for a few people that can write articles in the following off-road vehicle categories:

  • Dirt bikes
  • Side-by-sides
  • ATVs
  • Sand rails

We are looking for writers not only for this off-road website but also for a website in the Motocross niche. So if names like Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen are not new to you and you could write a thousand words on how to reduce arm pump then we might just be a good fit.

We are also open to any off-roading experts in the fields of:

  • 4×4’s
  • Jeeps
  • Rock Crawlers
  • Enduro
  • Baja
  • etc, etc, etc.

But what if I have no idea how to write an article?

Don’t worry, we have a particular style that we like to stick with and we’ll give you a roadmap of how we’d like the article to be written and formatted.

We will give you the title of the article and direction we want you to go in with it. We will probably also include a series of subheadings and other details to include in the article.

How much does it pay?

We will commonly need articles in three different sizes which include 1000, 2000, and 3000-word counts.

We’re currently paying out at $0.03 a word which we payout as $30 for the small, $60 for the medium, and $90 for the large articles.

What about schedules and deadlines?

In addition to all the details about what we need you to write on, you will also be given a fair timeline for expected completion that we will agree on ahead of time.

Deadlines are a huge deal to us, so as long as everything gets turned in on time, we’ll keep having a working relationship.

Who gets the credit?

As far as attributions go, the most common articles that we need will be considered ghostwritten to build the authority of the website.

We are open to having guest writer profiles if someone is serious about sticking around. That person can then build up an audience on their own on their social media profiles which they can link to in their author bio.

Who owns the content?

Everything that you submit including written word, images, and videos would become ownership of the appropriate off-road website it gets published to.

You would be releasing rights to that created content and we would completely own it at that point. You would not be able to reuse it.

What about the legal details?

You would be a freelance writer and a 1099 independent contractor.

OffRoad Lifestyles is owned, operated, and published by Digital Epidemic LLC headquartered in Loveland, Colorado.

How do I start?

This could be a great way to earn extra money toward your current hobby if you’re able to talk about it and explain it with ease.

If you think that’s the case and you aren’t scared off by anything you’ve read so far then click on the button below to fill out the contact form.