ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) Beginners Guide

As I try my best to fill this website with as much useful information as possible about every form of offroading I can, I look for ways to teach people about these motorsports. This article will hopefully help you get a better idea about ATVs and give you a better picture of what they are […]

Side by Sides That Are 50″ Wide | Ultimate Trail UTV Comparison Guide

Most offroaders blend between different offroad vehicles and one of the biggest reasons is being able to go anywhere and do anything on any and all trails that are out there.  Growing up going to the sand dunes we owned smaller 4 wheelers and larger offroad vehicles and learned quickly that there were a lot […]

How Does a UTV Charge the Battery? Testing, Jumping, & Upgrades

How Does a UTV Charge the Battery? One of the most common problems with UTVs and offroad vehicles that would keep them from starting is a battery issue. Over the years my wife and I have tried out a few different types of off-road vehicles and learned very quickly that one of the main maintenance […]

UTV Transmission Types – Belt vs Shaft & Non-Belt Options

The Continuously Variable Transmission (or Belt option) The most common type of UTV transmission is the Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT. The continuously variable transmission is a system of pulleys and a belt that has been around for a very long time. The CVT has a few different nicknames such as the shiftless transmission, single-speed […]

How Much Do Side by Sides Cost? New, Used, Averages, Shipping & Ins.

My wife and I have been visiting some UVT Dealerships trying to get a good idea of how much a new side by side would cost us but there are so many  UTV options it’s actually been kind of frustrating. In researching this for ourselves we wanted to help other people who might be overwhelmed […]