• 6-Seat Side-By-Side Comparison- Best 6-Seater UTVs
    Side-By-Sides are growing increasingly popular with dunes and trail-riding enthusiasts these days for good reason. These are powerful and fun machines that will help you to conquer all kinds of terrain in the security of a seat. This can be a more preferred experience when off-roading than can be offered by a quad or a […]
  • Who Makes the Best Electric UTV?
    A Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) is one of the best ways to explore rough trails. But most of them run on unleaded fuel, aka gasoline. I wanted to find one that would be powered by an electric battery. So, I did some research into what the best options were. Here is what you need to […]
  • How Do You Fix Low Compression on A Dirt Bike?
    Low compression on your dirt bike is one of those things that is relatively inevitable. Whether your engine is a two-stroke or a four-stroke, its compression will eventually run low and will require your attention.  In a two-stroke dirt bike engine, the likeliest cause for low compression is worn pistons or rings. A four-stroke engine […]
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    Repairs are a reality of owning an ATV at some point, especially if you enjoy riding frequently, and when it comes time to do those repairs, you can do two things. You can either take your ATV to the shop and have your problems handled for you or do it yourself. But which one is […]
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    ATVs, in general, are great machines that can be both fun and practical. If you plan to share the fun of off-roading, a two-seater ATV can provide fun for both people on the ride. But where do you even begin to look for the right ATV for your needs? A 2up four-wheeler can come in […]
  • Registering an Offroad Vehicle | Tags, Plates, and Stickers
    Getting a title and registration for an off-road vehicle is one of the first things an owner should do after the acquisition. However, US states have different processes for titling and registering such vehicles. So, the question is: how can you register your off-road vehicle in your state and acquire the necessary documents for operating […]
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    An ATV, or four-wheeler, is a fun way to explore the outdoors. Whether you are out in the fields or the forests, the right All-Terrain Vehicle can help you navigate any terrain. Nonetheless, ATVs are a considerable investment and require proper research before purchase. What size will you need to buy? The size of ATV […]
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    All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) can be categorized into two main categories — utility and sport. There are many variants of the ATVs. When you decide to purchase one, it is normal to want to weigh your options. Utility ATVs make for the best purchase due to higher ground clearance, more straightforward operation, softer ride, and utilitarian […]
  • What Is the Best Dirt Bike for Women? | Beginner, Intermediate, Short, Teens?
    Because women are generally smaller and lighter than men, finding an ideal dirt bike for women’s stature can be difficult. However, there are plenty of dirt bikes out there for women of all ages, ability levels, and heights.  The best dirt bikes for beginners are Honda CRF230F, Yamaha WR250R, or Kawasaki KLX140RL; HUSQVARNA TE300, Yamaha […]
  • What Should I Bring Off-Roading?
    Off-roading is one of the most popular activities, but it is one that you need to plan carefully. There are many safety precautions you should take and some essential items you should always have with you to be safe.  You should bring several things while off-roading to stay safe and healthy. This will include safety […]
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    Young people have always had a fascination with things that go fast, and dirt bikes are very much no exception. In recent years, more and more manufacturers have been switching towards making electric dirt bikes. But who is winning this arms race?  When choosing an electric dirt bike for your kid, make sure to get […]
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    Are you looking to buy a dirt bike for your child or teen? It can be hard to figure out which bike to get, including which size your child needs and what features you should be looking for.  The right size dirt bike for your child is one that lets you adjust the height, so […]
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    The electric dirt bike and the gas dirt bike are very similar, but with a few key differences. Whether you’re a beginner buying your first dirt bike or an expert looking for an upgrade, it’s important to know the difference between these bikes to know what’s right for you. An electric dirt bike is powered […]
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    A dirt bike already produces a large amount of noise, but this can be exacerbated by a number of factors. The good news is you can affect most of these factors to reduce the volume of noise and not end up permanently damaging your eardrum.  To make a dirt bike quieter, you need to buy […]
  • Are Dirt Bikes Faster Than Quads?
    The debate around quads vs. dirt bikes is an age-old one. People usually side with one or the other because a lot of things are subjective when it comes to these two offroad rides. However, there’s a clear answer if we wish to compare their speed. Dirt bikes are faster than quads because they are […]